Right all, it's time to pick your fave song because it's time to Jumping Jack!!!


We have also set some exercises which you can do at home click on the workout button below


As you can see in the workout, Tomo is also showing you the exercises from his own home!!

Tomo even has a working out buddy!!


Do you have a working out buddy?


Don't forget to share your workouts with us, whether it is stretching or conditioning!!


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Have fun all!!

Terrific Tuesday


We hope you are all keeping on top of your flexibility!!


Flexibility is really important for a Gymnasts!!


Why not practice the Straddle fold, also known as Japana whilst watching TV, reading a book or even doing school work!


Have a go!!

IMG_20200324_150854_322 IMG_20200324_150854_321 IMG_20200325_152516_926

Picture 1 and 2 to the right demonstrate the front and back support!!


Both very important!


Why not have a practice, we have even included a variation of each

Try and hold each one for 10 seconds!!


The 3rd picture on the right demonstrates the Dish and Arch Shape!


Both of these exercises can be held, or to spruce things up you can gently rock trying to maintain the shape and not allowing your hands or feet to touch the floor!


Why not see how long you can hold them for??