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If you would like to get your child into Gymnastics please click on the 'Olympus Booking enquiry' button below.

Please note, we no longer accept people turning up! You must book  your child into a class to secure there place.

Face Coverings/Masks

All members who are 11 and over must attend Gymnastics wearing a mask. They will be instructed by a coach to remove their masks, when they are about to take part in their session. At the end of the session, Gymnasts will need to put their mask back on before they exit the building. All coaches/parents and other members who are in the gym but not taking part, will be expected to wear their mask at all times.

NHS Covid-19 app

We at Olympus are happy to show our support with the NHS TTP with our QR code which i available to scan for all who visit our club. Parents/Gymnasts over 16/adult members will be asked to check in by scanning our QR code on entry into our facility.

We understand that not all will have access to the app, therefore we will continue with our bookings, registers and attendence collection, however we will encourage you to scan if you can.

'Fire Break' Lockdown


From 6pm on Friday 23rd October, we will be unfortunately closing our doors again for the 'Fire break' lockdown period. and we will be re-opening our doors on Monday 9th November.


Emails have gone out to all current members regarding online classes to keep your child involved with Gymnastics throughout the two week closure. These online classes will provide a range of Gymnastics, fun and fitness activities which will help contribute to both the physical and mental well being of our members throughout this difficult time. Please check your spam folder incase it has fallen into there. If you have not recieved an email, please email [email protected] and we will send you the right information.


If you are a new member interested in starting classes with us at Olympus. Please email [email protected] and we can send you over our class informtation and get you booked in or on our waiting list for when we return.